SeekersGuidance: Knowledge Without Barriers

Through Knowledge Without Barriers, SeekersGuidance strives to enable everyone, everywhere to benefit from Islamic knowledge--by making all our courses and educational services completely free.

SeekersGuidance has reached over 14,000 student-registrations within the first two semesters of launching Knowledge Without Barriers- compared to just 700 student-registrations in the semester immediately preceding the launch. Through a multitude of programs and classses we serve hundreds of converts, people with limited means, and a global student body; offering free access to relevant and reliable Islamic Knowledge through this groundbreaking initiative. 

I want to express my deep deep gratitude for what I am receiving [through the SeekersGuidance courses]. I am new to SeekersGuidance, what a beautiful gift these courses are for me. I am a convert and live in Mexico and I am the only Muslim here, so [it] is very important to me to engage in learning with others - Emma Ibarra, Mexico

We offer free access to:

  • SeekersAcademy: Curriculum-based online courses, for individual in-depth study.
  • SeekersCircles: Group-study courses designed to increase your knowledge and build community ties.
  • SeekersWebinars: Online Webinars featuring an impressive line of international scholars presenting on relevant and timely topics.
  • SeekersAnswers: Interactive online service with a searchable database allowing the global community to access leading scholars to answer their most pertinent and pressing religious questions

Onground services

  • SeekersHubs: Physical spaces of learning, which bring teachers in direct contact with their community, while connecting transformative knowledge and spirituality with actionable community service and social engagement. Our aim is to establish SeekersHubs worldwide.
  • SeekersSeminars: Weekend and all-day seminars with SeekersGuidance scholars.