Joshna Yasmin Ali - London, UK

I wanted to sign up with a course from SeekersHub as I wanted to gain more knowledge on the deen, but I never knew where to start. People from various social media platforms encouraged me to be engaged with this organisation as it was one of the more authentic means to gain knowledge in comparison to the variety of non-authentic things you can get on the internet. 

I didn’t have any concerns when signing up because it was more of a case of I won’t lose out on anything if I signed up. You're getting more out of signing up than you could lose. Since the classes were online, I was able to organize the time in my daily life to prioritize the gaining of knowledge. It helped me remove the unnecessary things that I do day to day and It helped me gain a wider understanding of things that I was not clear about in the beginning. 

The courses challenge you on the things you thought you had an idea on. You have nothing to lose by signing up and the worst that could happen would be you would be where you started on your path, not behind it.

Joshna Yasmin Ali - London, UK 

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