Frequently Asked Question - Zakat Donations

Where do you distribute the funds?


Funds are distributed to Zakat eligible scholars and students of knowledge that are approved by senior SeekersGuidance scholars. Funds may also go to the other categories of Zakat recipients as outlined by the primary Islamic sources. Please note that Zakat will not be used for SeekersGuidance operations.

When will you distribute the Zakat?



SeekersGuidance will distribute the Zakat as early as reasonably possible after receipt from the Zakat donor.

According to which school of law do you distribute Zakat?


We distribute our Zakat in accordance with the Hanafi school of jurisprudence.

Who is the Zakat agent?


SeekersGuidance will be acting as the agent (wakil) on behalf of the Zakat donor.

Can I send in my Zakat by Check or Money order?


Yes, within the US you can send your check or money order, made out to SeekersGuidance Inc. to P.O Box 4835 Federal Way, WA 98063


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