Millions of Muslims are striving to learn their religion but can't find the means to.

Accessing Islamic Knowledge Shouldn't be a Luxury.

Become a Monthly Donor to provide seekers with free access to reliable Islamic knowledge. Your $32 monthly donation gives 12 seekers unlimited access to Islamic knowledge.

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What does your monthly support contribute to?
Providing Knowledge and Guidance
Providing Clarity in Times of Confusion
Providing Reach and Impact
Providing Knowledge and Guidance

Your donations to SeekersGuidance have helped provide millions of Muslims with access to free Islamic knowledge.
Our supporters help empower anyone anywhere to attain Islamic knowledge on their schedule through over 270 SeekersGuidance courses, and four structured curricula, including our:

  • Islamic Studies Curriculum - Allowing seekers to learn the fundamentals of Islamic knowledge through a five-level program that presents traditional knowledge in a profound, practical, and inspiring manner.
  • Quran Curriculum - Allowing seekers to delve into the foundational study of the Quran, starting from a one-year introductory course to a deep dive into the complete tafsir.
  • Youth Curriculum - Instiling certainty and love for Islam through an age-appropriate, engaging program covering subjects on Beliefs, Law, Spirituality, and much more.
  • Arabic Language Curriculum - Providing access to a world-class Arabic language program, providing the non-native Arabic seeker with critical language skills integrated with Islamic culture and original texts.
  • Seekers Arabiyya - Offering over 60 Arabic courses and multiple podcast series from senior scholars.

Providing Clarity in Times of Confusion

Your donations help SeekersGuidance offer a reliable resource of Islamic knowledge with beauty and excellence through digital technology and revived Islamic learning curricula.
We are committed to:

  • Reviving hearts and minds and benefit humanity.
  • Preserving and spreading the sacred light of knowledge from qualified scholars.
  • Offering classes and programs rooted in mainstream Islamic teachings.
  • Providing high-quality online courses to truly serve those seeking knowledge and guidance.
  • Supporting our students’ learning journeys and inspiring them to learn and spread Prophetic guidance.

Providing Reach and Impact

Over the last 13 years, our supporters have allowed SeekersGuidance to continue its growth trajectory, impact, and global reach.
We have set out to spread Islamic knowledge and made a firm resolve to benefit Muslims across the globe while staying true to our mandate of not charging a single fee.
By the grace of Allah, we have reached 350,000-course registrations thus far.
But currently, SeekersGuidance only fulfills a portion of our global vision.
With your support, we plan create a truly global Islamic seminary by:

  • Establishing a world-leading Mentorship Framework.
  • Enhancing online user experience for our students to experience digital learning at a world-class standard.
  • Re-establishing on-the-ground programs in key strategic locations around the world.
Your Monthly Donations Transform Lives
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If you would like to give your zakat to support scholars and students, head to our Islamic Scholars Fund donation page.
Preserve and Empower the Prophetic Inheritors by allowing them to dedicate themselves to teaching, learning, and spreading Islamic knowledge across the globe.


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