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Contributions are tax deductible.

Alhamdulillah, all of SeekersHub's services are 100% free of charge, powered by the generosity of thousands of donors worldwide.

Last year, 2 million people visited our website to get access to knowledge and guidance from Islamic scholars, at no charge.

Can you make a small donation to help us reach more people? As little as $10 would go a long way.

May Allah reward you for your generosity.

"SeekersHub is honestly a 'deen saver' for me."

Amelia, Australia

"I am so grateful and don't have the words to express how fortunate I have been to receive these classes and gain invaluable lessons to equip me on this journey."

Fozia, UK

"This initiative can insha'Allah change the Ummah if enough people find out about it and use it."

Anonymous Student, USA

P.S. Donations made on this page are made in USD and are completely tax deductible ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES. If you'd like to donate in CAD and receive a Canadian Tax receipt click here.