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SeekersScholarship & Emergency Support

$30.00 raised
GOAL: $150,000.00

Every teacher who assists you to gain Knowledge Without Barriers is provided financial support, for our teacher's dignity and ability to continue to teach. This is a serious global responsibility, that our Scholars are properly supported; it is their right, yet many do not even ask. There are numerous teachers and advanced seekers who are willing and able to teach, many in your own local region, but without reasonable and committed support they are unable to do so. As a result, communities are experiencing an acute shortage of teachers and seekers of knowledge.

SeekersHub Global's senior instructors and administrators, all of whom are people of knowledge, know too well this state of affairs regarding teachers all over the world ..... and are stepping up to meet this emergency by providing direct financial support through scholarships and zakat-compliant assistance, with many such seekers and teachers in need already turning their lives around for the better, something which would not have been possible for them without your generous support to meet this responsibility