Reflections on the Modern Condition (Winter)

WINTER SESSION, 2015: Signs of the Times

To commence this ongoing quarterly reflections, this session will set the stage by identifying specific signs of the times, foretold by the final messenger (peace and blessings of God The Exalted be upon him) which are momentous and greatly affecting humanity all over the world.

The session will be followed by a collective recitation of the Qur'an (Surah Yasin) for the sponsoring family, and dinner provided for all attendees.


Imam Afroz Ali, Shaykh Ahmed Abdo


June 06, 2015 at 7pm - 10pm


SeekersHub Sydney
299 Belmore Road Riverwood
Sydney, NSW 2210
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Academy Director - SeekersHub Sydney ·


Mahmud Haque Cevdet Osman B Riaz Lalla Rahat Siddiq Aadil Ansareen Houwayda Sari Firdousi Obeidullah Nilofer Rafiuddin Imran Ahmed Kemila Chebbo Feroz & Nora Sattar Glenn Guzzo Soha Majzoub Danial Khan Mahiuddin Huq Hamed Baqaie muhammad sharif Mona Chekchok Ehab Barake Syed Riyazuddin Hyder Ali Khan Mohammed Hanife Karaman Usman Shahid Asim Saleem Meena Popalzai Hira Rao Aeisha Joharry Karima Ammar Suendous Rababi kareem Magribi sufia alamgir Tamer Kilani Shemyla Khan Ramana Wignarajah Mohamed sabra

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