Global Islamic Seminary

Let’s Spread Clarity in Chaos. 

We Need Your Support To Build The World’s First Truly Global Islamic Seminary

While we’ve come far together, SeekersHub Global needs your support to reach millions more around the world, urgently in need of clarity in confusing times. 

How can you help spread clarity?

Give Monthly

Help us raise $70,000 in monthly donations by year’s end. This will enable us to build the world’s first truly Global Islamic Seminary-- spreading clarity in chaos to millions around the world, with transformative knowledge and guidance.

Give Zakat

Give your zakat and charity to support the Prophetic legacy. Help the Islamic Scholars Fund raise $500,000 by year’s end to support the most deserving scholars and students around the world--scholars and students who embody the Prophetic light and legacy.

SeekersHub is a registered charity in both Canada and the US. Tax receipts will be sent to donors from those two countries.